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Time Table for class 12th students


Class 12th board exams are on their way, it’s high time to take studies seriously now. Class 12th marks plays a vital role for higher studies, employment criteria and lot of other things. Planning & executing your plan is very important, giving importance to each subject daily, maintaining discipline and be consistent about your studies. Here are some of the best tips for you to excel in your board examination.

Some of the important tips recommended to follow during the preparations are :

1. Complete and revise your chapters as much as you can.
2. Don’t forget to solve sample papers.
3. The best way to conquer exams is to create that environment, so give tests regularly and analyse your mistakes.
4. Have a sound sleep at night of 7-8 hours
5. Make sure you have a proper sitting arrangement with good lightening, avoid studying on bed, students tend to doze out while studying on bed.
6. Develop an art of writing answers - Make pointers while answering and avoid big paragraphs.
7. Make flowchart for the topics you find difficult.
8. Not to forget - eat healthy food, rich in iron.
9. Hard work is important but smart work is necessary.
10. Be very well prepared on the day of practicals (viva, assignments), because those are the kind of free marks given to you.

*Special tip - Students tend to skip Pre-Boards exams conducted by the school, we strongly recommend you to attempt those pre-boards so that you get to know about the status of your preparation.

Time table for preparation leave.

Class 12th time table by ExtraClass

*Take the screenshot of the above table and paste it in front of your study table.